15 Minutes of Health


Chair massage

Implementing a regular routine of 15 minutes massage minimalizes costs of sick leave. More over, it’s a great motivational tool that enables higher potential in each employee.

We see that companies that invested in an on site massage gained loyalty and bigger engagement of their employees. Massage at work became an attractive benefit who keeps and attracts best people.

Working by the desk

Long term seated work may cause problems with your back, including bad posture and muscle fatigue.

 More than 75 % of people in Poland complaints about back ache which results in the most common and longest sick leave periods.

Pains causes apathy, slows down creative thinking and can lead to depression. Research and as well as our experience shows very high effectivness of implemented work site massage on overall well- being of employees.



Reduces muscle tension of back, neck and shoulders.
Releases head aches and other pains caused by stress.
Lowers mental tiredness and improves focus.
Stimulates well-being and releases endorfins.
Improves blood circulation.